Social media can be a cesspool or a strategy tool. So choose how you want to utilize it thoughtfully and wisely! If you are fighting locally, especially internationally, promoters will continually view your social media presence to decide if they want to book you for their events. Fight Promoters have a brand too, and they will determine whether you are the ideal type of Muay Thai fighter to represent their production. Make no mistake: your social media profile, posts, and reels are crucial and can sometimes make or break getting selected for a fight, so be mindful of what you broadcast to the world! Nowadays, social media is quickly evolving, almost day-to-day, and it is essential to understand how to effectively maximize these tools and resources to enhance your online presence. Here are 3 ways to help you market and promote yourself as a fighter on social media. 

  1. Fighter vs. Personal Profiles on Social Media: Don’t rely on promoters to market you. YOU are responsible for your brand! Create a fighter profile that streams across various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Threads, Twitter, and even WhatsApp. Remember, different countries utilize specific platforms more than others in the states, for example, Facebook. Most youngsters in the US don’t use it, but it is commonly used abroad, especially in Thailand, so consider having one if you want to be exposed more to these countries. Most people are very sensitive to the personal information they share on social media, we get it – so if you are a private person, don’t share any intimate or personal content! Keep it solely fighter-related. Hate to break it to you, but if you want to grow your fighter brand but are very shy and quiet to post fighter content, chances are you will rarely get booked or even looked at. If you are a fighter and want to get seen, create your own fighter profile (or have a friend who is a social media wiz do it for you) separate from your personal life and keep your channel rife with fighter-related content only. Don’t post yourself taking bong rips, taking shots at the nightclub, or publicly humiliating random people on the streets because you think it’s cool – it’s not. Business-minded promoters do not think it’s funny, and they view you as a clown and a bad representation! If you want to publicize your personal life and post selfies doing the “milk crate challenge,” keep it separate from your fighter brand channel. Always remember that once someone views your channel once, that is the first impression you will give to these viewers. And as a fighter who wants to grow in the Muay Thai sport and fight in big stadiums globally, don’t you want to be considered a serious, mindfully branded fighter?
  2. Be Authentic and Post Fighter Relevant Content: Being authentic is underrated these days and sometimes mocked because everyone wants to act a fool and advertise imbecile content for “likes” and “click-bait.” For example, playing pranks on random, helpless streetwalkers, ingesting detergent pods because TikTok has gone viral with this content, or the best one yet, the flour tortilla slap challenge. Before you hit “Post,” ask yourself this simple question: Is this content relevant to my fighter brand channel, and who cares about this post I am about to broadcast? Instead, post your weekly Muay Thai training regimen and what has worked and not worked for you, including nutrition habits (eat this, not that), supplement intake (vitamins/minerals that help you), running shoes that give you the best comfort or durability for your long runs or even mind/body restoration habits that help you heal and recover that consistently give you the best results for performing high-intensity workouts the following day. You might even suggest a “new promo sale” that just went online on your favorite workout clothes for performance. (Hint: tag that brand; they might view you as a potential ambassador for their products in the future).
  3. Be a Professional and Know Your Audience (KYA): Who do I want viewing my content? The owners of ONE Championship, Channel 7, Lumpinee Stadium promoters? Do you want to be taken seriously for big fights or even title-shot opportunities? Then act like a pro, even if you are an up-and-coming amateur fighter! Use your mobile device as an investment tool/resource and shoot footage of your HIIT workouts, Heavy bag workouts, or Padwork striking workouts – document that you hit your daily goal for the day and carry on again! By the way, being a pro doesn’t always mean being “too serious” with your content, but posting videos about what makes you authentic (there’s that word again) always illustrates what makes you distinct from the rest of the pack. You might want to post a video laughing at yourself because you stepped in dog poop while running on the Santa Monica Pier for your 8-mile running goal during the day, or the squat weight plates you thought you could boost up were way too heavy and your ego was bigger than you imagined, nevertheless – be creative! Don’t be afraid to show your wins and losses, your highs and lows, OWN IT. Your ideal viewing audience will see the human side of you and how determined you are as a professional to excel in your Muay Thai art and sport. Show the world your passion and that you mean business – do what you say with action, and promoters will take you seriously.