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Long Beach, California

Mission Muay Thai - Long Beach, CA
Mission Muay Thai - Long Beach, CA
Mission Muay Thai - Long Beach, CA

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Mission Muay Thai is an authentic Muay Thai training facility focusing on authentic Muay Thai Arts, History, and Culture. Our curriculum is designed for professional combat sports, self-defense/martial arts practice, and world-class strength & fitness in Long Beach, CA. Our classes are designed for adults, teens, and youth (ages 5-12) with a strict focus on curriculum, discipline, and conditioning for all levels.

  • Muay Thai Curriculum (Fundamentals, Advanced, and Professional levels)
  • Muay Thai Competition, Self-Defense, and Fitness
  • Weekly Adults/Teens/Youth Classes
  • Private Training & Nutrition Plans Available


(562) 304-5733

Located at:

4102 Orange Ave. #115
Long Beach, CA 90807

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Rightfully So! 3 Days out Mission Family! This is it, all of the sacrifices, all of the pain, all of the tears.

Life as Nak Muay is not an easy one, its not for the faint of heart, its not for the quitters, and its not for people that make excuses. 

Its all about dedication and resiliency. Its all about coming into the gym, leaving the outside world behind and mastering the art.

@jeessssssie is truly a "BAD MOFO" living her life as an International Nak Muay, fostering growth for her community and spreading her genuine love of the sport to all of our students. Her Road to Lumpinee was not an easy one, yet here she is. Just a kid from Long Beach fighting for Team USA, with the Mission Family on her back. 

Be sure to catch the fight and watch OUR Jessie put it all on the line.
5 days out....EVERYONE please make sure to tune in on the live stream this Sunday February 4th to support our champion @jeessssssie as she represents Team USA! 

From Long Beach to Lumpinee the love and support from our community goes a long way!
Arrived in Bangkok, and on a Mission 🇺🇸 

Prepping and repping Team USA @wbcmuaythaiusa for the upcoming @amazingmuaythaifestival in Thailand @lumpineeboxingstadium! We hope you all stream and tune in to this historic Muay Thai event 🙏🏽 

Thank you to our sponsors for the love and support for Jessie Sierra’s Road to Thailand:
On a Mission to leave a legacy that lasts forever. #mambamentality

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