Our Mission

“At Mission Muay Thai, our mission is to empower individuals in the Long Beach community through the art of authentic Muay Thai training. We are dedicated to fostering a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive community where people of all backgrounds, ages, and fitness levels can learn, grow, and excel in the traditional art and sport of Muay Thai. Our commitment is to provide structured training with a robust curriculum, expert coaching, and a safe environment promoting physical fitness, mental sharpness, and personal growth. We believe in our exclusive system and the transformative power of Muay Thai to build confidence, discipline, and self-defense skills. Through our academy, we aim to inspire and teach our students to reach their full Muay Thai potential for combative knowledge and overall personal health & wellness inside and outside the competition ring. We instill values of respect, discipline, humility, and sportsmanship, cultivating a strong culture of teamwork and unity among all of our student members. At Mission Muay Thai, we are more than just a traditional gym; we are a family and community of passionate individuals dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, whether mastering the art of Muay Thai, improving your fitness or enhancing your overall well-being. Join us on this mission to become the best version of yourself, one kick, punch, elbow, or knee at a time.”

Code of Conduct

Wai (salute) your instructors before stepping on the training mats and ring – slight bow, with the palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion. Never wear shoes on the mats. Raise your hand if you have a question.
Behave honorably. Never use profanity in the school or during class. Show respect for instructors, students, and teammates. Set a good example for others around you and always listen to your instructors.
Recognize that you are a student of the Mission team and that we all share common goals. Progress is achieved through learning from and trusting your instructors – listen attentively and strive to learn without ego.
Practice good hygiene (clean body, hands, and feet) and always come to class with clean clothes and sanitized training equipment.
Don’t be late for class. Show up ready to train - in fitness attire and with all training equipment (hand wraps, gloves, shin guards).
Always be honest with your instructors and teammates. Never steal, never lie, and never cheat our system.
We practice every day to get better. No shortcuts – it takes hard work and dedication to strengthen our minds and bodies toward excellence.
We learn, train, and work together as a TEAM towards everyday training and fitness goals. Be a good teammate by helping the entire team to succeed. Lift up, encourage, and push each other to get better.

Remember that your actions outside our school reflect its character and spirit.

You represent Mission Muay Thai and your instructors. Bring value and encouragement to your relationships and interactions with others, both inside and outside of this school.