What to bring and how to prepare for your first Muay Thai/Boxing class at MISSION:

  1. Come to class clean, with good hygiene and fitness attire
  2. Check-in with front desk representative and sign-in
  3. No shoes will be worn on the mats (flip flops/slip-on shoes are best for traveling to/from school)
  4. Hand wraps, gloves, shin guards, groin protector, water, towel (Email us if you have questions about specific training gear – info@missionmuaythai.com)
  5. Classes are one-hour training sessions – plan accordingly

What size boxing gloves do I need to have for classes?

For the youth students, we suggest 8-ounce gloves. For teen students, 12 ounces or 14 ounces, depending on height and body build. For adults, we highly recommend 14 ounces (suitable for bag work and light sparring) or 16 ounces (heavier, great for sparring). We currently do not sell boxing gloves but carry hand wraps and mouthpieces for training. We suggest Amazon for your first set of boxing gloves and shin pads!

Note: For bag work or mitt work (adults), we suggest 12-ounce gloves to improve striking power and conditioning

Are there different levels for classes? Beginners, Advanced, etc.?

  • Yes, there is! When you view our schedule online, you will see different classes scheduled for different levels.
  • Basic Level (M1) – Mission 1 | New students who have never taken Muay Thai, and are looking to learn at the beginner level.
  • Advanced Level (M2) – Mission 2 | Students who have tested in the M1 level, or students who have trained Muay Thai for several years with the basic understanding of Muay Thai.
  • Fighter Level (MF) – Mission Fighter | Professional fighters and active Amateur Fighters only

I heard about Mission Muay Thai and want to learn more. Where can I find more information about your school/gym?

  • All of our information and updates are communicated on our website and social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Feel free to call or email us for any questions: info@missionmuaythai.com

What are your rates and pricing structures? Do you have several options?

  • Yes, we have several options to fit your needs! We offer month-to-month autopay (no annual or long-term contracts), 10-class packs, drop-in rates, and more. ALL of our pricing options are available on the Mission Muay Thai app (download in your app store). Please create your profile, using a separate email address for each student, and stay updated with our school updates and events!

I want to come in for a few classes and hit the heavy bags. Do you have separate per-class rates?

  • Yes, drop-in rates for all students is $25/class and we offer Open Mat classes! Make sure you check the class schedule and register for classes in advance on our website or Mission Muay Thai app.

I have kids in their teens, and since your youth programs are for ages (5-12), does that mean they have to join the adults’ classes?

  • No, not necessarily. The pricing structure is different once you complete the youth/teen programs and move into the adult classes; however, all kids/teens are evaluated on a case-by-case basis depending on size, maturity, and experience. Some teens can remain in the youth programs and some in the adult programs. Email us to learn more about the process: info@missionmuaythai.com

Does Mission offer other martial arts other than Muay Thai or Boxing classes/training?

  • From a class perspective, no. We are predominantly a Muay Thai gym. However, we offer private (one-on-one) sessions with “specific” coaches who do have a background in several arts, including MMA, Wrestling, Jiu-jitsu, Filipino Martial Arts, Yoga, and more. We also host Self-Defense seminars for civilians, law enforcement, and military personnel – stay posted to our website and social media channels for these upcoming events!

What if I am a beginner and never had a martial arts/combat training background? Can I still train at Mission?

  • Yes. Mission Muay Thai is a curriculum-based martial arts school that includes basic training classes for beginners and all levels.

I have heard about Muay Thai training and how intense cardio and conditioning can be. I want to lose weight, but I haven’t trained in the gym for a while – can I register and jump into any class?

  • Yes, but take it SLOW (basic/advanced classes only). Our Muay Thai training is a technical and conditioning-based curriculum that takes time to learn. Every practitioner is different and has different goals, so take it easy and learn to relax and grow with the training.

How do students/members create an account for and book a child into a class?

My child still can’t sign in for classes with the Mission app, how can I resolve this?

Your child/minor may need to have their account verified with our system. If so, please follow these steps:

If the profile is not linked to a verified account:

    1. The student will need to sign into the Mindbody app using the email address and password used at the business
    2. Select the Profile icon at the bottom right corner of the screen
    3. Under the Settings gear, choose to “Resend account confirmation email” at the top
    4. Check your email inbox for a verification email and click the enclosed link. After you have successfully verified the email, please proceed
    5. Under the “Search for a business” section at the bottom of the app, enter Mission Muay Thai and click the Search
    6. When you see our studio in the search results, you can tap on it to link to your account
    7. Finally, you can enter the email address and password you use Mission, and click on Sign in

Are Kali Kollective classes and Muay Thai classes the same student membership, or are they separate?

  1. Our Filipino Martial Arts classes/student memberships (Kali Kollective) are separate and both memberships will be required if you are looking to train in both curriculums. We do offer drop-in rates and 10-class packs for Kali Kollective classes as well. You can find all of the pricing options in our Mission Muay Thai branded app within your profile settings – lower right (More button), click Buy: then select any services you want to purchase!